Bowling Club Members, please note that we have decided to end Big Bang Bowling Club Memberships!

We will still honor any remaining Club Membership games you have until they are all used up. However, you will not be able to renew or purchase more games after February 29, 2020.

Anyone can still purchase a Big Bang Bowling Club Membership until February 29, 2020. Your games will be honored until they are all used up.

Thank you to all our Bowling Club Members who have joined and enjoyed your Bowling Club Membership over the years.

We look forward to seeing you at Open Bowl, Leagues, Parties, Fundraisers and much more at Indian Lanes!

Benefits of the Bowling Club

Cost effective since you are purchasing games at a reduced rate.

No need to carry a membership card, you only need your membership ID and name to redeem.

Friends and family can utilize the Club benefits also.

Club members will receive periodic specials which will be only offered to Club members.

Club memberships can be purchased as gifts.

What is the Bowling Club?

The Indian Lanes Big Bang Bowling Club (ILBBBC) was created to provide an easy and cost effective way for frequent bowlers to purchase games at a better rate because they are purchasing them in packages.

Currently, the ILBBBC is offering 100 games for $90. The games can be used by the club member or their friends and family, provided they can identify the name of the account holder.

Please note: the games cannot be used for fundraising, birthday, or company parties.

How do I Join the Bowling Club?

You must complete our application form (online or in person), agree to our Terms & Conditions, and purchase games via this website or at Indian Lanes Bowling Center.

How do I use the Bowling Club?

Once games have been purchased, whether online or at Indian Lanes, you will receive a Bowling Club Membership Number. When arriving at Indian Lanes, you must inform our cashier you would like to redeem games from your membership and provide your membership number. The cashier will reduce your account by the number of games and set up a lane for you to utilize the games.

Please note: You may share your games with friends and family, but they must know your membership number and name on the account in order to redeem the games.

Games are valid for redemption within one year from purchase date.

Review Terms & Conditions  |   Review our Privacy Notice

Become a Member!

Purchase your 100 games for just $90 below and become a member of Indian Lanes Big Bang Bowling Club today.



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